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Peace, my name is Jeremy Ives Viray better known as B-Boy “Icey Ives,” I am a Filipino American born and raised living under the midnight sun of Anchorage, Alaska. As a youth I tried a lot of sports but it was not until 2007 I was introduced to this art form known as Breaking at a local recreational center. Ever since then my love and passion grew for the love of Breaking (aka breakdancing) tremendously. 


In the summer of 2015 I won my first out of state titles at the Mighty4 and Freestyle Session events in Northern California. That same year my journey as a student with this dance and Hip-Hop cultural arts began when I was inducted into the Rock Force Crew established in 1983, one of the most successful crews in the World.

Under the tutelage of Rock Force Crew I was able to win several national and international titles:

2015 Mighty 4 x Breaking in Shanghai Qualifier - Union City, California

2015 SacTown Underground - Sacramento, California

2015 R-16 - Las Vegas, Nevada

2015 Massive Monkees Day - Seattle, Washington

2015 Warsaw, Challenge - Warsaw, Poland

2015 Kings of Dance - Los Angeles, California

2016 Now or Never Jam - Vancouver - Canada

2016 Freshest Kid - Las Vegas, Nevada

2017 The Northwest Sweet 16 - Seattle, Washington

2017 Mc Donald’s B-Boy Royal - Manhattan, New York

2017 Melting Pot - Honolulu, Hawaii

2018 Break the Bay - Oakland, California

2018 Who Got the Props - Detroit, Michigan

2018 Redbull BC One - Boston, Massachusetts 

2019 Found Nation Jam - Tokyo, Japan

2019 Redbull BC One - Houston, Texas 

2020 Battle of Honour - Mechelen, Belgium

2020 Make History Vol.1 - Oakland, California

2021 USA Breaking Battle of the Rockies - Denver, Colorado

2021 Vegas Kings - Las Vegas, Nevada


2021 B-boy City - Austin, Texas


2021 FreeStyle Session - Los Angeles, California

2022 Full Force Anniversary - Las Vegas, Nevada


Through this dance I was blessed to be able to travel over 10 states and over 12 countries and counting. After flying to different places around the world it had opened my eyes how people are able to communicate and come together positively through Dance without knowing how to speak the same language. Overall it makes me appreciate everything I have and who I have around because others around the world do not have the same resources as we do so it puts me in perspective to know how much of an impact you can have towards certain individuals. 


When I am not on tour I give back to my local business, the Flow Zone Dance Studio in hopes to inspire and motivate individuals to help evolve their craft. I also lecture at Universities and High Schools to speak about my story and perspectives I have experienced with my journey of Hip-Hop. As a true student of Hip-Hop culture and life in general, I hope to leave my mark knowing that I did not only do this for myself, but for family, culture and my hometown of Anchorage, Alaska. My future plans are working on entrepreneurial ventures in dance and publishing a book based on my experiences.  

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