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September 2018

Hip-Hop lecture/breaking workshop taught by myself as a guest speaker and a Dance West Alumni. The purpose of my visit was to share a brief history of how Breaking evolved throughout the years also teaching some fundamental steps to the advanced hip-hop class of Dance West.

April 2018

Sharing my current ventures at the time with Paulskeee's business class in the Bay Area. Also explaining how there are limited opportunities in Alaska as a B-Boy/B-Girl, so as collective we try to provide what we can for our scene.

Organized and Translated by Matthew Perez

March 2018

My first ever breaking workshop internationally was taught a University in Japan with a group of college students who were part of the b-boy club in Waseda. In this class I broke down how to build a relationship with music, use your whole body when dancing and how to bounce left to right rhythmically on beat.

October 2019

Breaking basics and fundamental workshop taught at local dance studio owned by Gabe Harvey. This workshop was for an event organized by leaders from our dance scene and with the help from a very special dance crew based out of Los Angeles, California called Versa Styles.




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