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Greetings and blessings,

Welcome to the "iCreate" Online Mentorship Program by yours truly. Mentorship holds immense value in my life, as it has been an invaluable asset. From receiving guidance from family members and crew members in the artistic dance realm, to encountering mentors who have influenced my overall life, mentorship has played a pivotal role in my personal growth. It feels only fitting to share the knowledge I have gained throughout my journey, primarily in dance, with this community that I hope to foster over time. If you are here for the journey, embracing patience and growth not only for yourself but as a collective, then you have arrived at the right place. This platform is designed for anyone seeking to evolve in Breaking and Dance as a whole.


The Process

  • 1). The process begins with filling out a Google Form to get an understanding of who you are and your dance.
  • 2). We will schedule a virtual meeting to discuss your form entry and goals.
  • 3). We will then collaborate to determine how we can collectively work towards achieving your objectives, building a customized curriculum tailored specifically to you.
  • 4). Next, we will schedule virtual sessions though a platform you will have access to after your enrollment.
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Previously Mentored Dancers:

Taino Postigo

"For me, Ives was very helpful in facilitating a space where I felt comfortable and expressing who I was as a dancer and felt comfortable improving my skills and try new things. He’s teaching methods helped me approach things from a different point of you allowing me to create new movement. His class was well thought out and very enjoyable."

Nate Tungul

"As one of Ives' breakin' students, having him as my mentor definitely helped me evolve and become stronger as a dancer. He always kept me motivated and always encouraged me to never let go of the dance. When it came to the training, not only did he train me physically, but he would also expand my knowledge and teach me the foundation of Bboying and its history. This was highly essential, mentally, because it allowed me to understand the true movements of the dance and helped me find my own unique style, while at the same time following the basic principles of breakin'."

Mireku Abankwah

"There wasn’t ever one point where I questioned what he was teaching as he had lots of experience and he knew everything he taught down to a science. I really liked the emphasis on the “Dance” aspect of breaking because as he said breaking is a dance. I also enjoyed how he talked about the rock, even though its basic, its very important and I feel that it really helped my dance become more comfortable not just to top rock, but to really dance while top rocking. He taught the whole intensive all of this, while keeping it fun I was never bored."

Jensen Monto

"Ives is an awesome teacher! He’s really motivating and gives great advice to any questions you ask. He’s really good at explaining concepts and growing you to the next level!"

Vincent Mercado
All Stylist

"My experience with Ives has been nothing but positive and progressive work, I came under his mentorship with 5 years of dance experience already established, but working with Ives expanded my views when it comes to my arts. We really broke down the essence of hip hop and dancing, not only technique but history, mindset, and even philosophy."

Aimee Chico
Choreographer/All Stylist

"I began my dance journey by going to a dance studio a couple times a week, believing that simply being present in each class will help me grow as a dancer. It was not until I was introduced to Ives that I began discovering the infinite ways to elevate my craft, along with the endless possibilities that I am capable of. Before we began working together, Ives had asked me what my goals and inspirations were as a dancer. This made his mentorship all the more special to me because instead of training me to dance like him, he utilized his knowledge and connections to help shape me into the dancer that I strive to be. Every practice we had, he was prepared with what he wanted me to focus on. I have learned how to adapt to new opportunities, how to constantly find outlets of creativity, and how change is a good thing (just to name a few). It is very rare to be able to work with not only such an incredible dancer, but an incredible person. Today, I am still constantly using what Ives has taught me — whether it be applied to my freestyling, creating choreography, or simply just living as a human being — Ives has had a huge, positive impact in my life and I am forever grateful."

Embark on your mentorship journey today. Click below to take the initial steps towards joining the iCreate Online Mentorship Program and begin our transformative journey together.

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