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Anchorage Press

Katie Medred Aug 28, 2014

A Physical Poet
Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 2.44.41 PM.png

Anchorage Daily News

 Mike Dunham Aug 19, 2015

Icey heat: Anchorage B-Boy heads to national competition in Florida

Alaska Public Media

 Wesley Early Dec 1, 2016

49 Voices: Ives Viray in Anchorage

The Northern Light

 Madison Mcenaney Mar, 5 2017

Express Studio hopes to expand Anchorage’s break-dancing scene
Red Bull BC One National Winners Advance To World Championships In Mumbai
Icey Ives Pose 2019 Copyright.JPG

Balitang America

https://balitangamerica.tv/author/troy/ May, 21 2019

Filipino American B-Boy victorious in

Redbulls National Breakdancing Championship